Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2nd

Today is my husband's 42nd birthday.
I met him when he was 30 years old and he is more handsome now than when I first met him.
(I convinced him to ditch the hair gel and his "nerd wear" (plaid shirts and corduroy pants- which have "mysteriously' disappeared) He still looks like a kid with his smooth skin and slim physique.
I can honestly say I can't say the same for myself.
I have definitely aged.
My skin is sagging and I seem to be sporting a slight dewlap. My waistline is definitely thicker. I wear bifocal glasses now along with having glaucoma and cataracts.
The migraine demons wear me out. They invade at anytime like some sort of evil secret police imprisoning me and torturing me for weeks on end. Just when I get a reprieve they attack again.
It is exhausting but you have to adjust your lifestyle in order to get by. My husband is very sympathetic to me when I have these attacks.
It is funny how when you start a relationship with someone but you never know where it will bring you.
One of the wonderful surprises in my relationship that has brought us closer together was having pets..
Yes, pets.
My husband never had pets as a kid so I didn't know how he would feel towards animals.
Yes, when we were first dating instead of bringing me flowers and candy we would bring bags of frozen vegetables for my iguanas. He didn't seem to mind them too much although he wouldn't use my bathroom when it was bath time for the iguanas.
We later got a parakeet. He completely fell in love with "Whook". We would practice ballroom dancing in the kitchen and Whook would sit proudly on his shoulder going for the dancing "ride".
Later, the bird population grew due to homeless birds in need of a good home. He wouldn't protest but instead would convince me that this poor little cockatiel needed a home!
Our perfect evening would consist of us watching TV with all of birds perched on us.
When we have my bird pet sitting "customers" staying with us he would insist they get "special treatment". He would let the birds all have a free for-all with millet treats and lots of out of cage attention.
He was pretty good with my dog customers as well. When I was having one of my many migraine attacks he would come with me to assist walking the dogs. Although he wouldn't pick up the poop (That is what I was getting paid for!) He would stroll happily with one of the many dogs.
Yup, it is funny where that path will lead you.
So far it has been 'happy trails"!


  1. I think we are both lucky ducks, V. Fred and I have continued to grow and evolve along the same track. Luckily neither of us wanted to take up sky-diving or make trips to Foxwoods. Imagine how much trouble we'd be in if I demanded equal time with my quilting group or he wanted to watch football all weekend.

    Hugs from these two ivy-intertwined types,

  2. Happy B-Day, S!... and so sorry about your pain, V. You've been suffering from that for far too long. I wish there was something that would take it away.

    Glad you two (like the Cap, and Chris) have found that niche... We are striving to follow in both of your footsteps.