Sunday, November 4, 2012

the saints go marching by....

* this photo makes me sad. This is photo of Twillinger when she was just a baby.

I had booked a diving trip to Bonaire.
I was in a major panic about traveling there for a number of reasons:
1) The pigeon was in the middle of her medicine regiment. I wasn't sure if the pet sitter or anyone else could administer the meds while I was away.I didn't want to stop the process.
2) I hate leaving my birds. Period!
Twillinger wasn't looking too good despite her 10 day stint of meds. She had a "mass" in her lower abdomen. An x-ray showed a broken egg in her ovary area.
3) A nasty hurricane named "Frankenstorm" was expected to rip through the New England coast-line around Halloween.God knows what kind of damage it could bring.
I had seriously considered just chucking the trip-even that morning_but friends and family urged me to go..
My pet sitter came over to see what needed to be done for the pigeon and administered the meds like a pro.I told her I would stay in contact with her,( if I decided to still go on the trip), to check the pigeon and weather situation.
We ended up going.
However, as I soon as I arrived, I panicked and wanted to go back home.
I checked my emails to check on the situation back home and to see if I could get a flight back home ASAP.
My pet sitter informed me that she found Twillinger dead at the bottom of the cage.
I freaked out.
Apparently the "mass" had grown.
I knew she was a bit "off" but I was still disgusted with myself that I had opted to go on vacation instead of just staying home
There was nothing I could do but to "try" to relax and just make the best of my trip.
I watched the weather closely and contacted friends and family of the situation.
I was horrified to see what was happening to New York and the New Jersey shoreline. I had imagined the worst back home.
No roof, high floods, evacuations, no power, the pet sitter unable to get to my birds, criminal looting and possible snow.
I was making myself crazy.
I was thinking of all these things while diving choking back tears.
As I was diving I spotted something stuck between two rocks.
It was a purple rosary!
I kid you not!
A pair of purple rosary beads just laying there on the coral.
I picked them up and placed them around my neck.
They gave me an instant calm.
Everything turned out to be A-OK.
The pigeon was fine. No damage to the house just a power outage for just a few hours. Everything was under control.
I was able to at least enjoy the remainder of my trip.
The saints were watching me.

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