Sunday, November 25, 2012

A hunting we will go

Thanksgiving day was quiet and mostly uneventful.
My brother and his family spent the day at his in-laws this year.
It would just be my husband and I with my parents this year.
My mother wasn't sure if my father would even be able to get out of bed  since he is falling each day.
She has been worn out and depressed caring for him .
He can not longer walk and needs a wheelchair. She is mostly worn down having to deal with his erratic, uncooperative and predictably unpredictable belligerent behavior.It is really rough to see my dad slide down this down-ward spiral and my mother bearing the brunt of living with him.
She refuses to place him in a nursing home-which I do not blame her.
That is the last thing we want to do. We want him in the comfort of his own home.However, with that being said, I worry about my mother and her health.He dismisses home health care which makes life extremely hard for my mother.
My mother,being herself, insisted on having Thanksgiving dinner at her house. She said she finds cooking "therapeutic" plus it was questionable whether or not be could get my father up out of bed. With the Grace of God, we did get my father up and at the dinner table. I talked to him about a couple of his favorite subjects : football and black friday shopping.
Even though I know shit about football I know at least some of the key players and names of some of the teams enough to carry on a simple conversation.
My expertise is, however,  shopping black friday.
There is something primal about going for out for the hunt.
It's not much different from getting on a horse armed with a bow and arrow.
(Now its getting in a car armed with coupons)
And I did at one time go bow hunting.
(Don't get alarmed we ran through the woods shooting bales of hay)
I would try to jog my father's memory with black friday "hunting" stories.
"Hey Dad remember the bread maker I bought you about 20 years ago? I arrived at Ames at 5:55 am, before work, to get you that sunbeam bread-maker. Do you remember that?"
"Remember that cat blanket Ma bought me when I was sixteen? I still have it and use it!"
He would smile and shake his head.
"Yeah, last year, I was selfish and just bought myself stuff. See my JLo bag? I used a coupon PLUS it was on sale!"
He would laugh.
"Let's see the sale papers to see what is worth going out for".
I would scan the papers and show him stuff.
"Aw..this is a rip-off! They will only have two of these in stock" "This is cheap and it is a crap brand.." "Oooh this is a good deal. I'll go check it out"
Right after dinner he didn't look good and wanted to go back to bed right away.
It's just one day at a time.

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