Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frankenpigeon part 4

*WARNING! This is really gross!

It's been now 34 days since I started Craow Dum on this experimental four punch regiment of twice daily medication that I had to pick up at Beverly's compounding clinic.
As you can see, a nodule has grown to the point that the skin was pulling away.(first photo)
This morning, the nodule was loose. I applied warm compresses to the area and the marble sized nodule lifted off.
I almost puked.

I debrided most of the gunk off of which remained, a gaping hole.
 Oddly, Craow Dum seemed unfazed with the whole ordeal. I, however, was gagging. (second photo)
As you can see the nodule.(third photo) GAG!
 I have about 3 weeks remaining on the prescription so I will just carry on. I just contacted my vet so she can see what has transpired.I am hoping this will do the trick and he/she can at least be comfortable now that this "cyst' is now gone.
The question remains: what the hell is it?

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  1. Wow! I can't believe that it didn't hurt her when it was attached and that it didn't hurt it when you removed it. You ROCK, V!