Wednesday, November 7, 2012

bird watching in Bonaire

* Here is the view from the balcony at Caribbean court condos were we stayed. Off the balcony, I took this zoom photo of an oriole perched on a tree.

We managed 15 dives this year at our eleventh visit to Bonaire. Other than diving we bird watch.
We got up at the "crack" in search of amazon parrots and brown throated parakeets (Prikichi) over by the Black Durgon inn. Last year, we spotted heaps of them. Sadly, this year I could hear the sound of the brown throated parakeets but no Amazons. Not even a single one-not even up on the hills.
 I spotted only a few flamingoes this year as well.
I did see plenty of cattle egrets, frigate-birds, ruddy turn stones, eared doves, ground doves, a few white-faced doves,  a grey king bird, a king fisher, a bare-eye pigeon, barn swallow, tropical mockingbirds bananaquit, saffron finch, rufous- collared sparrows and at least three osprey. I also noted a trio of feral rock doves (pigeons) mulling around down-town which I had never noticed before.
I was disappointed that I didn't see (or even hear) parrots this year. I found this a bit odd.

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