Saturday, June 29, 2013

repairing the corvette

I had an appointment yesterday with a bone doctor to access the damage. My foot looks like a base-ball mitt or like one those fat diabetic lady's feet with dropsy. It is huge, swollen and black. It was confirmed that I had three fractures at the joints. I now have a lime green cast on my foot.I have to wear this for two weeks and then I have to be refitted for a different cast once the swelling goes down.
 I still can not walk at all. I hop around on one foot,crawl  or use the rolling wheeled computer chair (downstairs)to get things. Simple things are a major production. To get something across the room takes a big effort and I am exhausted. I feel like I've swam a mile.
It's gross too. I can't take a full shower because I can't get the cast wet so I have  to just wash off with a cloth sitting on a plastic chair.It's going to be gross when they take that cast off too. My leg is going to look like Osama bin Laden's chin. (Sweaty, smelly dirty and hairy...ewwww!)
My poor cousin was just 15 years old when she had to wear a full body cast for six months due to a spine problem! OMG! Since the cast covered her from her chest down to her hips we drew "boobs" on her so she wouldn't feel left out since at this time we all were starting to  wear bras. God knows what the doctor found after he took her cast off. I bet old M&M's,  crayons, dead bugs, candy wrappers,. and perhaps a David Cassidy record she hid from her brothers. Ha!
I have to lay down most of the day with my leg elevated. I have all my spanish tapes, music and books to keep me busy.
My husband has been a star in helping out with the birds. He cleans the cages while I stand one legged at the sink cleaning their bowls. I feel like I need to do something so this way we work as a team.
This morning he brought some of my hand weights up from cell-block #9 so I can at least do some exercises to keep my upper body strength up.I had injured my left arm from the fall so I could barely move it. It finally I feels like I can (and must) keep my arms fit.
The doctor also suggested that I spend time in the sun for vitamen D (plus take calcium supplements) My dear husband took me to the beach in the morning (to see the pigeons) and then sit on one of the bench's for a little sunlight.
So that is all I can do for now

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