Monday, June 10, 2013

dive # 895 June 9th 2013

Dive # 895 June 9 2013
I had been watching the weather. There was a tropical storm in the south stirring up trouble. The waves and wind on saturday was pretty dicey but sunday it cleared up nicely.
Fred, Chris & Pete were running the show. Larient was onboard giving a helping hand. We had Jackie K, Andy, Isly (sorry for the incorrect spelling) and a new guy-Eric.A nice mellow group.
Since the winds were still a bit compromising we headed up north to naked man beach.( I could vaguely spot perhaps one naked guy on the rocks) The winds died down in the afternoon and it got toasty! Regardless, I wore my dry suit this time-which I was glad I did. I was still frozen especially my hands. Thankfully, no critters emerged from inside my dry suit after a long winter's nap.
At about 25 feet I got a temp reading at 46-7F. It was a bit murky on the descent but cleared at about 20 or so feet with a current. I just followed a lobster line as a guide.
I saw lots of cunners, pollack, skates and some big lobsters outside the traps. I think they were deciding whether or not to enter.Any place that offers "free food" could mean trouble. (think:"free donuts")
All in all it was a nice relaxing dive.
As Fred would say, "'s great to be US!"
Yup, I would have to agree.

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