Friday, June 7, 2013

summer colors

As one may notice this time of year, how bright and colorful the American goldfinches are.
 It's their "summer coat". I can't help think how similar I am to the goldfinch with my "summer coat". The summer coat I am referring to is a summer tan. Yeah, yeah I know the pasty white barneys are screaming how 'the sun is bad for you". I recently had some iridescent pinky tell me how "unhealthy" my tan was.
Sorry but I look and feel gross without somewhat of a tan-even a "fake bake" looks better than frog belly white. I bet the goldfinches feel the same way.
OK I've tried all kinds of different sunless tanners & bronzers to boost the 'summer colors" .
I will present my unbiased review on the ones I've used and tried.
1) Neutrogena "sun fresh" sunless lotion price $8.99 CVS
It claims to have "delicious fresh scent". I assumed it didn't have that sunless tanner smell (chemical) and claims it "goes on evenly" without making you look like a pumpkin.Wrong. It smells the same and I never got any color out of it despite using medium deep tones. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough.It also felt a little sticky.
2) Jergens natural glow $8.99 Walmart
This is very popular. It also claims to not have that "sunless tanner smell" and you get a "even golden color in 3 days". Hmmm..It still has the smell and it took two weeks to get any color. It is just an "ok"  moisurizer.
*3) amir argan oil sunless bronzer $19.99. online
More expensive but this is the best bronzer. It still has a 'smell' but it goes on evenly and naturally plus the argan oil is top notch in moisturizing. This was the best bang for the buck. My only complaint is don't get any on your mouth. It tastes like lady bugs (don't ask)
I've tried other ones in the past and they were awful. They smelled bad, streaked and turned you a dirty orange color.
For a washable bronzer, Bonney Bell is still the best. I  can only find it online.
So there you have it.


  1. No one should be telling you anything about your tan except "Hey, nice tan!" You're a grown up. You know the deal with too much sun, and sun in moderation is necessary for the production of vitamin D. We need to get you a STFU t-shirt.

  2. i'm afraid to ask what STFU means....