Monday, June 24, 2013

dive # 896 & 897 June 23rd 2013

Dive #896 June 23rd 2013
It's a perfect day to be out on a boat. Weather predicted to be the triple "H"s. And it was. I was glad I brought my wet-suit. Fred, Chris, Pete were in charge. Larient and a new girl, Andrea were on board.
We anchored off the restaurant. I don't mind this spot but Larient hates it. He likes to lobster  and this place was vacant of his prized victims. You also have to be careful at this spot because of fishermen casting their lines (and big nasty hooks) I ventured away from the wall where the fishermen were.
I was more interested in observing the pretty black and white ducks sitting on a rock.I believe they were common eider ducks as depicted in the photo above. I found quite a few flounders, schools of pollack and a good sized striper. I got a temp reading of 51F at 20 feet with a bone chilling thermocline.
Dive #897
We anchored somewhere in Lanesville. I had taken my wet-suit off and figured I was done for the day.
It was HOT on the boat and I couldn't stand it anymore so I did a "Hampton beacher" and jumped in the drink.
 It was COLD but invigorating.Chris joined the insanity as well. I think of my Aunt Grace from Quincy who used to jump high off the rocks wearing her ked sneakers into the icy brine from her cliffside home.
After drying off, a rouge wave rocked the boat. The portable shower fell overboard and started to drift away from the boat. Since I was already wet, I felt eyes upon me to retrieve the wayward sun shower drifting away to China
Soooooooooo... I am logging this as a dive. ha!
 I paddled as fast I could.
I must of looked like a golden retriever fetching a stick.
Success! I got it!
Again, we all cheated death once again. :-P