Monday, August 20, 2012


hyacinth macaw

pouter pigeon
African tortoise

I took advantage of one of those internet "groupon' deals by purchasing two mid-week half price tickets to the Southwick animal zoo.
I've  wanted to go there to check out their budgie exhibit.
My husband took a vacation day off to join me.
Their budgie exhibit is similar to the one at the Franklin park zoo where you  walk in this large enclosed area with free flying budgies and cockatiels. You buy these little millet sticks to hand feed them.
I never get bored of the antics of these funny little parakeets.
I really enjoyed their "bird talk" show. They had an interactive "show" with different and varied species of parrots.Parrots for the most part love interaction and something to keep them busy.And like dogs (and people as well) they like a routine and something to do.The birds looked healthy and happy.
They had some unusual birds walking around free. They had a beautiful white peacock strutting around like the boss.
I was interested in their pouter pigeons. The male strutted around "busting a move'. Pouters are odd looking pigeons. They have a large puffed balloon-like chest and long legs.They are traditionally a "show pigeon". I've seen pouter motifs in Edwardian art.
My husband for some reason enjoyed looking at the pygmy goats. I have to admit, they are cute little things.
I like the big tortoises.And of course, without fail, two tortoises started to bonk. They are really "randy "creatures!
I refused to go to the chimp exhibit.
Seriously, I am scared shit-less of primates so I stayed clear of it.
The animals had nice clean spacious free roaming areas.
I was impressed.
Yup, we had fun.

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