Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New year's resolution updates

Every year I start out with good intentions as far as New Year's resolutions.
Some of them I keep and well, some I don't.
The ones that I have continually failed at are:
 1) To stop swearing (This lasts for about seven hours (max)after the stroke of midnight. It's clearly impossible to keep.
2) To stop buying shoes (I did good for about three weeks until I get the "sale" notices.
That is the bad thing about the internet.
(*If you "suspect" that you "may" have an addiction problem all the goodies are always right in front of you via the internet! Oh oh!).
On the positive side, I've completed two paintings that I had put off. Once I get started on a painting I thoroughly enjoy it.
Another thing I try to stick with is staying on track with weight watchers and exercising. It is always a work in progress. I go up and down. I felt myself slide a bit by indulging more than usual but at least I caught myself instead of denying it.I just have to just pay attention to the portions (as always) and use the trampoline regularly instead of plopping my butt down on the couch.
 I can do this . And as always, you just have to focus. Once this deep freeze subsides there is another activity I want to start up as well-maybe archery.
I started taking spanish classes from my cousin. She had told me she was tutoring a few people and I asked if I could join in..I have to say I am having a really good time!.
My cuz is a good teacher. She makes the lessons fun and funny. She had taught junior high school kids for a very long time.Since she understands that I am the "forever 12 year old" I can get away with some of my silly shenanigans when I do my homework. For example: "moco' is the spanish word for booger and "excremento de conejos" is rabbit poop.
 Here is a youtube video I like (don't worry it's cute not naughty)
Ja ja!


  1. I should have named my dog Grande Moco, instead of Jack... because he IS a big booger who would probably eat excremento de conejos if we had conejos. He thought the horses were his own private snack dispensers. Of course, he won't even touch dog food. Gaaah!