Monday, February 18, 2013

Biscuit Whook Abbey

These are the ladies of (the TV show) "Downton Abbey" -circa 1920

Here is the lady of "Biscuit Whook Abbey"- the Countess of Salisbury -circa 2013
Or is this the lady of "Biscuit Whook Abbey"?
 I can't tell the difference

Dressed in detail of the (oh so gorgeous) Edwardian fashions including the shoes.
Shoes are super important, you know!

Here is the Lord of "Biscuit Whook Abbey"-the Count of Salisbury.
What handsome fellow!

Here is "the Count" patiently awaiting his formal High Tea. 

The china used in the place setting is an antique
dating back to 1920.However, the candles used are faux candles with battery lights.
*Sorry but I can't use "real candles" because it is too dangerous to use around the birds!

The winters here are so awful and so hideously boring so we decided to have a "Downton Abbey" night for Valentine's day. We dressed up formally. I brought out and  used all my fancy antique table-wear (What good is it just sitting in a a box?). I made all kinds of tea sandwiches, soup, desserts and proper tea 
(I guess that makes me "Daisy' the kitchen maid" as well for a bit)
 I even added roses to put in my antique glass cut vase.
It was all so lovely and romantic.
I am hoping to make this a tradition. :-)
I I think even "Biscuit Whook"- my gentleman budgie would've approved!


  1. So lovely indeed! A fabulous idea, high tea at the Avian Estate!

  2. Is it High Tea because the food is piled up in a mountain of carbs?

  3. The soup was healthy (butternut squash) I made "walking around" chicken salad with fat free mayo. I made myself "walking around chicken" egg salad with flax seed bread loaded with spinach leaves. I did allow myself two of my mother's home-made jam cookies.
    Yes, it could be a super carb over-load nightmare but I made it relatively healthy :-)

  4. That looks fabulous! I think Downtown Avian Abbey looks like a great place to go for high tea!