Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzard 2013 part 3

Oh what a handsome guy!
Poor Saint Francis poking his head out of a snowbank!

It's a mountain of snow mostly due to the drifts!

It took us about 3 1/2 hours to dig our way out of the snow. on sunday. My back and shoulders are sore. the goldfinches were happy campers that I cleared off the back deck to fill their feeders.I was up to almost my neck in snow venturing out to clear off the back deck.
On my back deck, which I think is a pretty accurate assessment of the snows depth since it is flat and even, was about 30 inches. I checked the heating vents and the direction of the wind had this area almost bare to the grass whereas the other side I had drifts that were well over my head.
*I took these above photos while I was up on the roof  shoveling off  a huge snow drift.
As I type right now, it is starting to snow.
Oh crap.
The only good thing about the snow is that it is something easy to talk about.
It's a safe topic.
No politics, no religion  and no dicey off colour humor.
Well I gotta go and walk Mattie before it gets too dangerous to drive.


  1. Plymouth finally got power back most areas. You guys really got lucky, not losing yours. I'm glad you didn't, you and your poor birds would have froze!

  2. Don't eat the yellow snow where the huskies go. Snow much for no off colour humour.

  3. i see you still like to climb on roofs!

  4. ha ha! Yes, I still climb on roofs!
    And Bill, do NOT eat the yellow snow!