Saturday, February 16, 2013

dog catcher shenanigans

This story (above) hit Fox news.
I am going to put my two cents worth in relation to this story.
I've lived at Salisbury beach for now eight years. During this time, despite signs posted at the beach stating "no dogs" during the busy summer months I've seen scores of dogs, especially pit bulls running amuck around the beach on a routine basis.
Dog shit is everywhere.
 The only time I've seen this so called dog catcher is sitting on his ass in dunkin donuts with his good ol' boys.
The surrounding towns of Newburyport and Amesbury have had qualified educated state certified animal control officers. They would "mysteriously" disappear. I've heard incidents where they would not get paid for hours worked. And yet, this guy stays on the payroll without any certification!. He now "covers" those surrounding towns along with his daughter. When he's been called up on matters of rabid raccoons he would say "it's not my job".
My cousin had an situation involving a lost elderly dog (posted in the Scrotalia" post) Since my cousin is involved in an off leash pilot program in Newburyport the dog officer's daughter called her to foster this dog. When she got the dog- the dog was filthy, stunk like urine and had a injured leg. The dog officer will charge people who claim their wayward pet with bogus vet bills. My cousin brought this sad little dog to the vet who  had informed her that the town has a contract with the dog officer for courtesy (free) vet care!
I talked to a guy a few years ago who found a dog and contacted the dog officer. A week or so later he called him to check to see if the dog was claimed and if not he would adopt him. This same dog officer charged him a "boarding fee" and wanted CASH! Hmmmmm...
I find it very odd that our local paper did not cover this (above) story. Hmmm..
Even the town manager defends this guy. Hmmmm.
And now this guy is running for selectman. Hmmmmm...
Seriously, this guys yard is a shit-h*le. If my yard looked this his I would be fines and cited for health reasons AND he cages animals there!hmmmm...
Well that is my opinion on this matter.

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  1. Wow! What a jerk. Didn't there use to be a news program in Boston who exposed people like this?