Sunday, February 24, 2013

Frankenpigeon part 8

This baby picture taken about two years ago.( I added these photos for comparison purposes.)

This photo taken approximately a year ago. 
Notice the top beak area. There is no true upper keratin beak but just an exposed bone.

This photo taken in summer when a granuloma  had been emerging. from on top of his head. Notice the lack of upper beak area with only a bone bit stub.

The granuloma emerged and popped out with help of massive dose of antibotics last fall.

Later the bone bit emerged again out of the top of his nares like a unicorn!. 
This was totally independent of the the upper beak area. The upper beak has been completely gone for awhile. It is odd to why this bone bit was emerging out . I took this photo just last week.

The bone bit fell off. I took this photo this morning. 
He looks really gross and odd almost like a leper victim. He seems unfazed. He eats well, poops normally and carries on without any worries or problems.
I wonder if  more diseased bone will push its way out from that opening on top of the nares. I suspect perhaps another granuloma is in the sinus working it's way out.
Here is the bone bit that fell off. Nasty, eh?

It is quite remarkable that this pigeon carries on despite of what is happening to him/her. 
I thought I would just share the latest update.
 Lately, he has decided he likes to eat out of certain food bowls only.(He likes s specific green ceramic bowl in particular) If I don't fill them to "his specifications" or if he determines the bowls are 'dirty" ( boogery seeds/pellets) he will protest quite dramatically by "bustin"-a-move" and by charging after me in order for me to make the "necessary"changes.
He is kind of spoiled! 


  1. She/he is a remarkable survivor. I think it is because YOU are are remarkable care-giver, V.

  2. I completely agree with Chris. You take really good care of these birds. Especially this one!