Wednesday, January 30, 2013

dizzy dame

After  a non-eventful walk with Mattie I took a ride up to the the department store "Target" to pick up session 3 of Downton Abbey since it was on sale (We like to watch stuff on our time-line)
As I was sauntering about the store I felt this odd "tug" in my head. I got a bit off balance almost falling into a clothes rack. I thought to myself, "that's odd".
As I was paying for my purchases, I felt as though the floor had dipped and shifted. I found myself gripping to the side of the cashier's table dizzy. I sat inside my car for a few moments closing my eyes and the room started to spin. I thought, "what the hell? I've got to get home!". I started driving saying to myself, "focus... just focus". I could feel these odd "drops and dips" in my head and then it would pass.
 I stopped at the library since I had to return a book and I figured maybe I just needed some fresh air on the walk over to it. As I walked over to place the book on the return shelf I felt as if the floor dropped and turned to the side. I crashed head on into a book shelf. I looked around hoping nobody saw me and also to see if perhaps there was some sort of earthquake going on. The people sitting around the reading room were impassive with their noses buried deep in their periodicals.
And then it started to get worse
 I felt like I was on the New Zealand dive boat during their "light chop" excursions. (Note* their 'light chop' excursions were anything but. I've never seen so many people all puke all at once)
I felt panic setting in thinking out loud, "Oh no..the bridge..the F*&^ing bridge...!"
There are only three ways to get from Newburyport to Salisbury and no matter what, you have to go over a stinkin' bridge. OK, take a deep breath and FOCUS.
 I felt like I was really drunk... or poisoned or drugged.
I crawled my way home. The floor was pitching and yawing. I was hot then freezing.
I puked unceremoniously all over the place.
I downed some dramamine hoping it would stop the spins.
And it did.
I still feel a bit woobly and I can't understand what happened.
The last thing I consumed before taking a ride to "Target" was a cup of mocha coffee at honey Dew donut. I usually buy my coffee at dunkin donuts(of course) but today I wanted to try the mocha flavor at honey dew.
You hear all kinds of stories about disgruntled workers screwing around but I have no proof.
It  just makes me suspicious, that's all.
But who knows. Perhaps it was just some weird passing ailment.


  1. Maybe it was the extra caffeine from mocha + coffee that set you off kilter. Or it could have been the fumes from the donuts wafting towards the cash register :^) Hugs,

  2. Yeah, I was wondering about the caffeine well. I had asked for decaf but you know how that goes. I'm still dizzy. Thank God for draminine.

  3. Oh my God, V! Are you ok? Maybe some kind of inner ear infection? I think the universe owes you a major windfall. You've had enough of the bad stuff for one person. You need some good stuff.