Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Frankenpigeon part 9

Hi there!
Peek-a -boo!

I just took these photos of Craow Dum this morning*
The place on the front portion on top of his nares where the bone was rotten had completely pushed it's way out is now healed without any signs of disease!. 
It actually makes it easier for me to clean his face with no cruddy bone to deal with.
But as you can see by the top photo that the area above his eye is still bulging.
 I do believe a granuloma is still there. 
I suspect and hope, it will eventually push forward and pop out like before.
He is as happy and healthy other than that. His feathers are quite luxurious despite having a circo virus which  supposedly adversely affects the feathers.His feathers are smooth and shiny.
 This morning, he jumped into the sink for a bath. He loves taking baths!
Yesterday I found him on top of the ceiling fan spinning it  making it go for a ride.
He's a silly bird!


  1. His feathers are iridescent in the second photo. Happy fellow!

  2. Yes, he sure seems happy in spite of his afflictions! Keep up the good work!