Friday, March 8, 2013

Life's a box of chocolates

It's snowing like mad.
It's the gross heavy wet thick stuff.
 The beach roads are closed.
 I cancelled walking Mattie today.
Days like this are good for working on art-work, studying my spanish lessons and playing with the birds.
Two weeks ago, the Salisbury library had their annual ornament contest fundraiser. You donate $5.00, they give you a wooden disk and you decorate it.
The prize is a big box of fancy chocolates.
I enter it every year because it is something fun to do.
This year I painted a dedication for Billy Bob the lovebird on it.
* see above photo
Guess what?
I won the big box of chocolates!
That surprise totally made my day!
I called Billy Bob's owner and told her about the contest .
 I thought it was fitting to present to her the prized box of candy since I used Billy Bob as my 'muse".
She was thrilled with the ornament as well as the chocolates.
They were beautifully decorated colorful fancy chocolates from one of the local beach front candy stores!
And yes, she shared them with me.
 I (only indulged) with one milk chocolate nut piece.(I'm still with weight watchers, you know!)
Yah! :-)


  1. Congratulations, V! It's a beautiful memorial to one of your favorite feathered friends.

  2. I do miss Billy bob and his naughty antics.

  3. Congratulations, V! That's awesome. Your ornament won, and rightly so! It's lovely!