Saturday, March 16, 2013

El Papa nunca la papa (the pope never the potatoe)

I got to say it but I was kind of relieved to see Pope Benedict XVI resign. 
Seriously, he was kind of scary. (Just look at his eyes)  
To me, he also represented the Catholic church still stuck in its sad ol' antiquated repressive ways.

I was hoping for a new progressive Pope from the United States. 
And yet, I thought the church would end up picking an Italian out of tradition. 
Could they have chosen an Italian Pope from the US like 
Father Guido Sarducci?

No seriously, it would've been cool if our Boston home-boy ,Cardinal Sean O'Malley  was chosen  to be 
the new Pope. 
He's a normal guy who seems to like being just a regular priest. Plus he's a Franciscan! 
He said was glad he was not picked  as the next Pope "only to to be locked up in a museum".
Gotta love his honesty!

Even so, it was still a bit of surprise the new Pope, Cardinale Bergoglio, a Jesuit from Argentina was picked.
I like the fact he picked the name "Francis" as his name. Saint Francis is one of my fav saints. 
He seems like a humble dude.He rides on public transport like the rest of us slobs, pays for his own bills and is not keen on those red audacious Gucci shoes Pope Benedict wore. 
(*Although, I would go for the shoes so long as they had stiletto heels)

Although I was a bit disappointed that I was not called upon as one of the possible candidates. 
After all, I am a modern day living saint. 
As I recall the only female Pope that ever served was Pope Joan
(*Until it was discovered that she was indeed a female.) 

 I suppose that would not be hard to do. 
See?  I could easily pass that test.


  1. I knew Pope Francis would get your attention. He's come late to the party, don't ya think? You were a Saint already. Ha!

  2. Oh my, you crack me up. You would be an awesome pope, as would this troll as opposed to the others in your collection. When are you going to post a whole picture of your collection by the way?