Monday, October 8, 2012


After diving yesterday, I did my usual evening chores of cleaning up the bird's cages/perches/dishes, feeding them as well as washing the pigeon's face/nose of debris.
Sadly, each day I can visibly see the lump on his head over her eye expanding. She can barely close his eye. She looks just awful.
As the bit of bone left from his corroded beak is getting more and more mushy. As I was cleaning her face of booger I noticed a spot on her head pulled away from the feathers. It was a white crater similar to a canker sore you would get in your mouth. I cleaned it off with saline solution.I would assume it must be painful.
You are probably wondering why I just don't take this poor wretched creature to the vet for 'the final visit".
It is because she doesn't seemed to be bothered by it.
She has a great appetite. Her poop is a picture perfect nugget. She follows me around like a dog and seeks me out for a cuddle.
My husband and I discussed the matter of what to do.
It is heart-breaking to see this kind little sweetie looking so hideous, ravaged by this incurable disease. I've contacted my vet as well as a pigeon vet in Australia, and other pigeon fanciers on their thoughts and ideas.
It seems to come down to the same conclusion.
Keep her clean and comfortable. When the time comes when she isn't eating and seems to be in pain then I will have to make a decision on what to do to ease her suffering.
This really sucks.

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  1. I think the little pigeon knows it's loved and doesn't want that to stop. You, more than anyone I know, will do the right thing when the time comes...and you will know when that is.