Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Frankenpigeon Part 2

* These photos above are from a person in Romania that shared with me of her pigeon.
Her pigeon had a chronic sinus infection similar to Craow Dum with a deformed beak.
She told me the meds used used and in what combination. She used it for over a months time.The bird is recovering now.
"Hope" always makes me desperate.
And I am desperate right now.
If there is any fragment of hope to save my pigeon I will pursue it.
I looked over my vet records to see what was given. The meds are similar but still not the same. These ones are stronger. The antibiotic meds she used are levofloxacin (similar to baytril) with clindamycin as well as an antiprotozoa tinidazole (similar to metronidazole) plus antifungal fluconazole. From experience, similar meds react differently to each subject.( I personally react to Zomig rather than to Amerge which is similar.)
I emailed my vet with this new information as well as another vet for a second opinion.

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