Sunday, December 23, 2012

flu shot to hell

Two months ago I got a flu shot figuring I would be "flu free' for the season.
I had been fighting a cold on and off for about two weeks. Last Wednesday, I felt like a gorilla was sitting on my chest.I started to feel achy and really chilled to the bone. As I was about to take Mattie out for her walk she stopped and gave me the blank stare. (*the Exact stare as portrayed in the photo above)
She was reading me.
And she bit me.
She knew I was getting sick and took advantage of the situation.
My cousin's dogs are different than Mattie. When Ruby (her border collie) senses I am "off" she slows down for me. I think she could have had the potential for a job as a  "service dog"
I cancelled the rest of the week with Mattie since it was nonessential. I had no choice, I was bed ridden with a full blown flu and of course, the shingles moved in again. 
Nice. Oh nice, just in time for Christmas.
It is interesting how some animals react to when you are sick. just like people, some are nice and some aren't.
Unfortunately, when people are away for the holiday and you are on call to take care of their pets there are no sick days. Thankfully my husband is a true partner and helps me out in this time of need.
As I was laying on the couch bundled up in a blanket three of my birds came to roost and snuggle with me. Scizzorpoop whimpered and curled up under my chin. Fresh Baby sat in my hair.
Meanwhile, I felt someone was staring at me.
I slowly opened my swollen eyes. I heard this sneeze with a blob of snot landing on my forehead to see the pigeon looking straight at me anchored firmly on my chest with boogers dripping from one side of his beak..
It was bad enough that I am coughing and sneezing but the pigeon  was doing the same thing. I wiped his boogery face and he snuggled back down snoring away.
I am at least upright right now (to at least check my email and type on the computer)but I am still dizzy, congested and achy.
I am thankful at least for a nice warm clean bed, a hot bath, my faithful birds and my loving husband.


  1. And your concerned, diving friends, too! Gentle, healing hugs are being beamed your way via the interwebs.

  2. I'm so sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon, V! So glad you have someone taking care of you, and some little friends to comfort you. Merry Christmas to you and Soracha, and all of your little children.