Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the annual bad gift awards

OK I admit I am bitchy but it's kind of fun being a snot.
And yes, drum roll please, it IS that time of the year for "bad gifts".
There was a internet topic on worst gifts for both men and women so I felt I had to put my "two cents in".
I thought it was pretty funny.
Most of them I had to agree with that were pretty awful. However, the worst part was from readers comments who had read the article..You had your usual cast of PIGS who basically wanted sex stuff or thought it was a 'great idea" to give their partner something sexual.
Oh boy...
Anyways, to me, this years bad choices are (at least, for women)

1. Any hair removal product. Really.
2."the trendy top" (it is for hiding that "unsightly 'muffin top' over your jeans"
3. the ahhh bra or genie bra. Seriously, they are the ugliest bras I've ever seen. I can only see wearing these bras if you had surgery because they look like bandages.
4. Appliances that you don't ask for.
I heard the funniest ad on TV lately. There was a lady yelling at her mate saying something like this, "A vacuum?!?! you got me a F**&^ing vacuum ?!?!" The guy responds by saying, "but I thought you liked to clean".
OMG! I burst out laughing.
5. Any weight loss product. Another, oh really.
6. Anything sexual. Gross.This should be a no brainer.
7. Ugly shoes (Hippy sandals, rubber shoes or "novelty slippers" such as giant pillowy Homer Simpson slippers(?)
8. Any of those "as seen on TV" products.
9. A fart machine. Seriously, have we graduated from seventh grade yet?
10. Puzzles. (?)
So there you have it. Please feel to comment ;-)

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