Thursday, December 6, 2012

a shoppers critique

Hey Fox , where have you been?!
Your last blog was (still) on products that work.
 I just thought I would add my (additional) two cents worth as far as product evaluation since this is a "shoppers time of year".
OK, first of all, everyone is built differently and jeans that fit one person don't work for others.
Calvin Klein jeans give me a "wedgie". They are over priced and fit terribly.
Another thing is most jeans are made in China.
Levis don't fit right on me. They make me look like a guy.
Most of the 'trendy jeans" make your fanny hang out. I hate having a draft in the back.Either that they squish you around the hips giving you a "muffin top" or "panda belly". 
Seriously the best jeans on the market for the "over-30-fashionistas" is the brand "not-your-daughters-jeans" (or NYD)
They fit great and make you look skinny.
They are expensive retailing at $120.00 but I scored a pair at a consignment store last summer for $20.00 and just recently at TJMax on clearance for $29.00.
The best part is that they are made in the USA!

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