Friday, December 7, 2012

turkeys lurkin'

It must be slow day in the news room having to even comment on what "new' complaint the neurotic "babies" in the ridiculous town of Brookline have to say
The busy bodies are now complaining about wild turkeys in their yards..
I mean seriously? This is a bad thing?
These are the same type of stupid people that complain and then ban a Nativity scene in a public place because they find "it offensive".
Get a F*&^ing life, will ya?
And of course, they voted for that goof-ball Elizabeth Warren and re-elected that doofus, Deval Patrick.
( Oops..did I say that out loud?)
OK back to the subject of turkeys.
Every year we have a family of turkeys that rummage around in my back-yard. Along with my neighbor we provide a safe haven for them. I can hear them just about everyday in the morning, "OOOgh OOGH", as they forage for left over sunflower seeds under my bird feeders.
I do not know if you've ever seen turkeys in flight but it is a quite a scene.
One day my birds all went nuts when they watched a flock of turkeys flew over the street and into my yard.
Turkeys are big birds so my little cockatiels were a bit unhinged seeing these massive birds through the window landing in the driveway.
They are quite beautiful and majestic.
I cringe when I see jokes made of turkeys around Thanksgiving with cartoon motifs displaying their demise on a chopping block.
In the spring -time, it is really something special when they have babies. All baby animals are cute -even the little fluff ball turkeys with their cute little 'peep" noises.
At least I know they have a safe haven in my back-yard.
And for those nit wits in Brookline......whatever...

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