Tuesday, February 23, 2010

why we love our pets

Do you ever think about why we really love our pets?

It's not like they remember your birthday by sending you flowers or pick you up when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Matter of fact the only presents they give you are the steaming kind left right smack in the middle of the rug.

So.....why do we love our pets?

The most common reply I heard from people is "that (pets) give you unconditional love".

Seriously, what the $%#& is "unconditional love"?

What the $%^& does that mean?

Come on, let's cut the crap, everything in life has some sort of "conditions".

I thought about it and realized as I sit here with no make-up on wearing a pair of stinky droopy sweatpants that animals just don't care. They just like being with you.

They do not judge you or criticize you. They just like being with you.

You just walked in the door in a foul mood after a $%^& day at work, your dog, cat, bird or whatever, doesn't say to you,"why are you so crabby today".

They are just glad you are home. My birds have never said to me,"boy, you're packing on the ol' weight" or "don't tell me you're eating another donut". Nor have they said to me,"OMG don't tell me you voted for.....!"

And I feel the same way. I just like being with them

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  1. An thus, the meaning of unconditional love. They love you no matter what, and just want to be with you. Humans have conditions...I love you "if"...pets will love you even "if"...like, even if you don't feed them. ;o)