Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guardian angels 2

Animals act as guardian angels. You have probably read somewhere about dogs that have sniffed out and detected cancer in their owners. Cats that meowed loudly to rouse their owners from a gas leak. Parrots squawking loudly alerting their owners of burglary. These are pretty heroic acts done by our companion pets. One would think guardian angels purpose is solely for these "life saving feats" but what about having guardian angels present just for our everyday ordinary comforts?

When I first started my pet sitting business I was just getting into knowing various animals.

One dog in particular named "Ruby".

Ruby, at the time, was a "bit of a challenge". She had this annoying habit of jumping on you and pulling on her leash. She had destroyed a pleather jacket and a rain coat because of her nails digging into me whenever she 'greeted" me. One day, I was feeling really sick. I wasn't sure I could even drive over to Plum Island nevermind to walk any dogs. I was sort of dreading having to deal with a dog that could potentially knock me down because of the weaken state that I was in.

When I opened the door, I could see Ruby's building excitement. I put my hand up and said calmly, "no Ruby, I feel really crappy today''. Her tail and rump were wiggling back and forth but she did not jump on me. I put her leash on and again, said calmly, "no pulling today, OK?". We went down the stairs and she stopped and turned around to check on me as if to say, "are we Ok? Ok?"

We had a nice slow walk. The fresh air did us both good. I was amazed at how insightful this dog was to know and understand that I was indeed sick and had to be handled gently. Was I imagining this?

I don't think so.

Ruby no longer jumps on me and when I have my "sick' days she still turns around to check on me. She is a pretty amazing dog.

My favorite cockatiel "Eddie" is the same way. When I say to her, "I feel crappy. Come and sit with me". She will snuggle up to neck and sleep. Just the mere presense of these amazing creatures is healing and soothing.

I find my birds help me decompress after a busy crazy day. I will have 3 to 5 birds perch on me while I have a cup of tea in the living room. It is such a simple pleasure to have them in my company. I can not imagine having a life without a pet.


  1. The incidents you describe about how sensitive some animals are to their caregivers and surroundings ring true. I've read about a cat at a nursing home that can sense when a resident is approaching the end of life. It enters their room and acts like it wants to comfort them. What a gift!

  2. When I was servicing aquariums in an nursing home one of the therapy's used was to bring dogs in to comfort the elderly and mentally disabled.
    The residents of the home also enjoyed the big fish tank as well.

  3. I have a neighbor horse who regularly comforts me now when I'm home sick. It's a weird connection that you can actually feel, and I am grateful for it. I totally believe that animals can sense when you're not feeling "up"...and will do what they can to remedy that situation.