Saturday, August 2, 2014

fox 25 zip trip to Salisbury beach

I am posing with Fox 25 TV commentator "VB".
"VB" used to be on the Howie Carr show. When I told him I remembered him being on Howie's show. He said, "oh that fat bastard?".
 I burst out laughing.

A salisbury summertime resident brought her pet pig to be 'interviewed" on the human interest segment.
 I had wished I brought my pigeon!
 I have to say, the pig was very fashionably dressed for the occasion.
The program ran from 6:00-10:00am. I was there only from 6:00-7:30 because  I had an early morning client scheduled at 8:00am.
 It was quite the event, I must say. They had games, contests, "freebee give aways" from local sponsors, food and FREE dunkin donuts coffee!
Everyone who was somebody from Salisbury was there. The selectmen, local popular business owners (including myself. HA!), school kids, market basket employees holding signs, fire fighters, beach people and even the lady who was featured in "People" magazine voted as one the top 25 " most beautiful people in the world" was there. (She is a local Salisbury lady who is 55 years old! I have to admit she is rather stunning and elegant. Way to go!)
I got my mug in one segment of the show "early morning workout" with planet fitness jogging.
(I did, by the way, already did my morning jog at 5:00am before I went to the event.)
It was fun to be there!

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