Monday, July 22, 2013

scootin' along

* I just put this photo of Button here because she is just so darn cute!
I am able to do most of my house work now. I can't stand a stinky dirty house. I still have bird customers coming in for boarding so I am very particular in making sure the house and environment is clean. I am grateful for this progression in the healing process.
Stairs remain a 'challenge' to me. I am unstable. So  walking with a "boot cast" is awkward and uneven.
Also trying to get a good night's sleep is an issue. I've been waking up with screaming migraines just about every night at about 2:00am..
So I am trying to figure out how to stop this.I found my old "neck' pillow so I am using this to hold my head straight. This so far has been helpful in keeping me still and straight so I can elevate my foot at night.
My foot still looks awful and it is sore to the touch.It still looks a freak show. Cool water soaks are pure heaven.
It bums me out that I won't be able to wear "nice civilized" shoes for a while.I'll be lucky enough to be able to wear (ugly ass)sneakers when this cast comes off.
As always the birds keep me busy.
Teddy the dove is something else. Who would've thought a "bird of peace' could be an aggressive dominant male trouble-maker? He'll go after anything to try to "dominant it" including my bird candle holders.
Charlie is a sweet-heart. He loves his one-on-one special attention and training sessions at night. Patches likes to investigate our interactions. Patches and Charlie are best buds. They have a"bro-mance" going on. They are two guys hanging out together ripping up newspaper. It's a "guy project" in which Patches initiates and obliges Charlie's help.
We've had a senegal parrot stay with us for a few days. I place a small towel on top of his cage just in case any of my birds land on top of the cage. Senegals can be pretty nippy so this offers protection. He's not real keen on me cleaning his cage and wiping his perch. Perhaps he is just scared being in a different environment. He seemed to at least enjoy all the birdy interactions.I thought it was kind of funny the sounds he makes. Some were of smoke alarm noises, doors opening and whistles, but mostly fart noises.
Next week we will have a caique parrot stay with us. They are considered the 'clowns' of the parrot world.
Stay tuned.