Thursday, May 2, 2013

the secret language of shoes

OK this will be the last time I mention those two dirt-bag marathon bombers "flashbang' and "speedbump" (as named by radio personality Howie Carr).
 In the initial investigation of tracking down these two low-life maggots what stood out on the surveillance camera was the fact they were not only carrying back-packs but also, their choice of clothing-especially their foot-wear  was odd.
Nobody wears shoes to a marathon-even as a onlooker. 
Normal people wear sneakers.
Another thing that poses an interesting fact in regard to their choice of foot-wear is that they are Louie Vuitton shoes. They are Very VERY expensive shoes.
So where did these two free-loader parasites on the dole get to money to buy thousand dollar shoes? came from somewhere else other than their welfare checks.
Welcome to the secret life of shoes.
After my dog walking rounds I stopped at DSW.
 DSW is a giant shoe store in which I just wanted to 'just look". OK, I confess I bought those shoes( in the first photo). As you can see, I could not resist.
They have little BIRDS on them!!!!  
Of course, I chatted with the saleslady who confessed 90% of her paycheck goes to buying shoes that she can  not resist. I kind of felt like a priest in a confessional booth hearing her "sins" except I was just as guilty.
Last week as I was strolling to my fav restaurant in Newburyport I wore the blue shoes (as pictured in the second photo).I can not begin to tell you how many times I get the "look-over" at my shoes.
Many times I get stopped by ladies admiring and commenting on my gorgeous shoes. Even my husband will notice ladies glancing admiringly at my shoes kind of the same way  guys check out a well endowed lady. He can't understand "the fascination" but he finds it rather funny . He says, it's almost like a secret language between ladies.
When I was wearing the blue shoes I walked by this outdoor school fundraiser. A couple of ladies ran out to me saying, "oh my God! those shoes!" We have a pair of shoes for you!" And then they ran out to me with clutching these perfect glittery brand new pink heels in a size 8.5(see photo number three)
They were very excited and proceeded to say, "please just take them! You obviously can wear them and they need a home!"
I gave them a small donation and took them home with me.
My husband found the whole thing hilarious . It was like they were looking for the perfect adoptee that would care for those beautiful shoes.
They were happy, and I was thrilled!
Like I said shoes tell a story.