Thursday, May 16, 2013

the wild pigeons of Salisbury beach part 93

* I took this photo a week ago of the two young pigeons that I was worried about. You can see the "little one" sitting on the milk crate. I had placed them up on the pizza loft so that cats or dogs wouldn't get at them..

The larger brother seemed to melded his way into the flock-eating and carrying on.
The "little one" just sat on the loft, to me, looking rejected.
Thankfully, I do believe, despite my worries, the father had been feeding him after he had his fill of morning seed. The "little one' remained on the loft for a good week longer than expected but today, he flew down to join the flock to eat seed!
In the meantime, the white pigeon up in Seabrook seemed to have disappeared. Food and water had be left out daily but no one has seen him since the weekend.
On other news regarding my 'birds".
My pigeon, Craow Dum, seems more boogery than ever. I think he is affected by this year's pollen season. I know one of my cockatiel chat-line members has a lovebird that has issues with allergies this time of year.
So even our pets are affected by seasonal allergies.
"Charlie" hopped out of his cage today. He was nervous but I  calmly and gently lifted him on my hand back in the cage.That was a big step for him. He is afraid of hands. Everyday I sit with him and offer him a delicious sprig of millet. He really enjoys it. "Patches' will invite himself in his cage. Charlie doesn't mind. I think he has a bit of a"bromance" going on with Patches.All I can think of is (movie stars) Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosselin hanging out together.
Today is "Button's" birthday (hatch date). She is eleven years old. To celebrate, I gave her a big bowl of rice. It is like chocolate cake for her. She gobbles it up and makes a mess of it.
Well, that is all the "bird news" here for now.


  1. Happy Birthday, Buttons! I always heard that rice kills birds. Is it different if it's cooked?

  2. Cooked white rice is like donuts for us humans!