Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Park West

I haven't written in a while mostly due to the aftermath of the Marathon bombings..
 I've been one big mess of sadness, disgust and anger.
I try to keep this blog upbeat so I just couldn't write for awhile.
Last week, my long time pal "Sue" asked me if I wanted to go to a Red Sox game on sunday.
 I enthusiastically replied, hell, yeah!"
Seriously, we had the BEST DAY! 
Thankfully, she drove in. She is a seasoned "Boston driver".( I for one, hit a curb on my way down to her house due of my lack of spacial distancing.) She knew all the places to have lunch next to Fenway too. We got a seat right away in a local jaunt and I got a veggie burger. She got a grilled chicken sandwich and a whiskey (for medicinal reasons -wink!)
The weather was glorious. (Although I was glad that I snitched my husband's Red Sox jacket because of an easterly wind.)
We both bought "Boston Strong" hats to wear. Like the kids that we are, we were so pleased with our purchases and admired ourselves wearing our cool new caps!
The seats at the game were great! They were just a few rows up from 3rd base. Not only is it fun to watch the game but it's also fun watching all the going on's around us.
I felt a surge of "Boston pride" standing at attention for the National anthem and singing along with "sweet Caroline" and "Dirty Water"
.Seriously, how can you not?
Baseball is probably the only sport I like watching.
Maybe one of the reason is that: BASEBALL=SUMMER!  :-)
We won over Houston 6-1. David Ortiz can really still slam it.
I couldn't help but reminisce back to 1973.. As  junior high kids we would hop on  the "T" to afternoon games.I think bleacher seats were $2.00 back then..
And here I am,  40 years later with my same pal, still enjoying a game at Fenway.
*Oh, BTW, "Park West" was were we attended seventh grade.


  1. Glad you went, and had such a great time. You have to keep living your life the way you wanted or the bastards win.