Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the Jack Russell terriers of the bird world

Parrotlet- forpus Coelestis
I have  new little boarder this week. An adorable parrotlet. He looks similar to a lovebird but tiny.
As you can see he likes to be hand-fed cooked food for breakfast.
He is a little bird with a HUGE personality.
This morning when I was cleaning his cage he ran over to my hand and gave me a chomp.He did not want my hand in his cage and he let me know it!
 I can't help but think that these little parrotlets are the Jack Russell terriers in the bird world.
Cute and smart but bossy, self determined and nippy!
The first night at my home, he let me know he did not want to sleep in the same shared room with the other birds.
 He squawked for an hour in protest.I took him upstairs next to a night-light (Where "Dover" my cockatiel boarder usually stays) He then settled right down and fell asleep.Thank God.
He also likes in food dishes placed in a certain arrangement or he will not eat.The same goes with the order in which his food is served.
He is really cute but he is a liitle" Mr. Bossy-boots!"


  1. Do birds have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Sounds like this little bird does. What's his name?

  2. He's cute! I'm not so sure I'd like the "nippy" though!