Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holidays gone in a blink

I don't know but did this year seem like Christmas and the holidays came and went in a "New York minute"? All that preparation, and it's like it never happened.(!)
It seems like this year people took down their decorations right on New Year's day. Usually you see at least wreaths or lights still hanging around til Valentine's day.I haven't seen many discarded Christmas trees on the side of the road either.
Another thing I found odd is right on New Years Day ALL the Christmas supplies were cleared off the shelves in the stores. Generally you'll see the stuff hanging around (again) til Valentine's day with huge clearance prices.This is the time of year I usually stock up on the  heavily discounted wrapping paper and bows in which I hoard away for next year.I wonder if stores got smart and stored the stuff away in their warehouse for next year rather than take a loss at stuff that didn't sell at a profit. I don't know, but this is the first time in all the years have I noticed this.
 I suppose this is a good thing that the stale old decorations are out of sight. Sometimes, old scrotty decorations hanging limply on houses is really kind of depressing.
Regardless, I put my decorations away on New Year day like I do every year. I do, however, I  keep my Christmas cards up on my mantle until the end of the month.
I still enjoy looking at them.:-)

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