Friday, January 25, 2013

facing the dark side of Mars

Oh My God it has been so brutally cold these last couple days.
I feel like I am facing the dark side of Mars.
I checked the thermometer this morning . The temp was pegged at zero.This was not factoring the wind chill blowing at gale forces from the NW. I am guessing it is close to -20 degrees F with the wind chill. It was so cold it snapped my bird feeder rod in half!
Thankfully, I did not have to walk Mattie today. The last few days we went out for just a short walk enough for her to "do her business". Despite the deep freeze she still seemed more interested in sniffing frozen turds and yellow snow piles than doing her own business.It's amazing what will motivate a dog.
When it is cold outside I do indoor projects like working on some art-work. (see above)
The top Icon is "We three Kings" and the second one is "wise old owl"
Before I have fully woken up (and acknowledged  how cold it is) I've done my morning jog.
 I can't wear my glasses because the glass turns to solid ice.I look like Kenny from South Park because I am encased in fleece head to toe. I mostly go out to feed the pigeons but even they are smarter than I am and have moved onto an area protected from the wind.
On days like this, I mostly get my exercise by using my trampoline. Since my dog walks are shortened due to the weather at least I am getting some exercise jogging on the trampoline with two birds perched on my shoulder (or head) while watching Judge Judy on the telly.
 The birds like it since I stay home most of the day.
Hey, at least they like my company. :-)


  1. Who wouldn't like your company, V? Probably only some old scrogie with a misogynist attitude. And who would want to talk to someone like that anyway?

  2. ha ha ha ha ! Chris, you crack me up! :-)

  3. Those paintings are beautiful! I especially love
    "We Three Kings". Nice job! (Kenny) :o)