Monday, July 25, 2016

July 24 2016 dive # 989 & 990

* photo of taken from internet of Folly Cove

July 24 2016 dive #989
We couldn't have picked a more perfect day. 80F with a breeze. It wasn't that oppressive heat we had the day before. Thank God!
As I look at every day as a gift I cherish my good times with my friends . I am blessed that I have spent over 20 something years (23?) as a crew member aboard Easy Diver. I wish it could last forever.
Captain Fred is having some serious health issues. I hope and pray he will be OK and back to his ol' cantankerous self. One day at a time, as they say. One day at a time.
We did have a wonderful day. Fred and Chris were running the show. Pete was present sporting his new "choppers". (and he was quite proud of himself.)
 Kate, Amy and her newbee student were also onboard as well as our pal  Bill L.
We anchored at Folly Cove, which is my favorite site.
The water was calm with a temp of 65F. It was colder at 20 feet. The viz 25 feet. My ears cleared right away. I think because the water was warm and I practice clearing my ears in the morning. (I know it sounds weird but it works) There were lots of cunners, baby moon snails, a huge horse shoe crab, crabs and good size lobsters.
dive #990
I popped back in the water for a second dive. There is something so therapeutic and soul cleansing when you are underwater. I sort just poked around and then I was looking for BillL since he was snorkeling on the surface. I thought I could be a brat and give him a scare but I didn't see him.
We ended the dive with a royal feast. In a combined effort we had all kinds of fruit, crackers, chicken drumsticks, bean salads etc.. I was happy to see the Captain eating too.All good healthy stuff!
Indeed a most spectacular day....

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  1. It certainly was, V. The best diving of the summer...and of many be exact. Fun and good food. It doesn't get much better than that. Oh, yes. And good friends to boot. Super!