Thursday, July 14, 2016

" no fear of death"-Prince

*Kim took this photo of a rainbow after the sky rumbled and rained a bit after we paddle boarded.
A ray of hope?
A person's character is defined on how they handle adversary.
 I am astounded at how pragmatic, take charge and strong my cousin is handling at what faces her.
The first thing she did was took care of her personal business to make sure her husband knew what was going on. Instead of retreating , she went out with friends.
She urged me to go to for screenings and check ups. I finally made an appointment with the "lady" doctor. I haven't had this kind of check up in a decade. I almost backed out again mostly because getting an appointment was a hurdle. I waited 30 minutes on hold just to make a simple appointment. The first appointment I could get is in the fall but at least I made the appointment.
Meanwhile later that day, I talked to my cousin and she said she was on the phone all fucking day trying to schedule appointment for consultations etc... and getting grief from some of the staff that possibly her insurance may not cover the visits and something about getting referrals, blah blah blah. I thought to myself, "are you fucking kidding me?" It's bad enough you get shitty news but now you have to go through this stupid crap as well?" It is psychological torture. There is nothing worse than being stuck on hold listening to "muskrat love' and "please hold...your call is very important to us". It's like being stuck at the RMV. This "system" is obnoxiously ridiculous.
We went to beach for a few hours just to chat and hang out. She had a long sleeve top on, sun hat with a sun umbrella while I was in a bathing suit  with only sunscreen on my nose. She has always been  the smart sensible one.
She had to use this device to measure her breath by sucking on this tube. (Her doctor was concerned about her lung filling with fluid so she had to monitor it) In our typical style we were joking about it in a very ribald way calling it the "Monica Lewinsky". She could barely work it because we were laughing so much. "Moooonica...Mooonica! Oh that guy over there is w-a-t-c-h-i-n-g yoooou!
Despite our joking around we had a very real frank talk. She is honest and realistic. That is rare quality in a person.
I am hopeful that the doctor she picks at Mass general will have reasonable options for her.
Meanwhile, I am here.

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