Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14 2014 dive # 936

September 14 2014 dive # 936
Oh I am digging for crumbs in the chocolate chip cookie bag.
I hate for the dive season/summer to end.
I cringe when I hear the drone of football game announcers.
Jackie invited me to go diving with her and Andy at Pebble beach.
I felt like a hyper jack russell terrier waiting for the ball to be thrown.
Ok ok ok....!!!!!!
Off to do a shore dive at pebble beach.
Pebble beach is pretty easy to get to.
Take 128N all the way then a left onto Eastern ave, then  take a right at Barn lane (near the Shaws/Cape Ann dive shop plaza) take a left onto 127 Thatcher rd. Take a right onto Tregony Bow, a right at the end onto south st. Finally take your second left onto Penzance. The place is chock-o-block full of divers so you have got to get there early (unless you have a rockport parking permit)
It was sunny but cold. Wind from the NNW. It was less than 50F topside. I put my wetsuit on ASAP. I tried out my BCD that I had replaced the "crapped up"  inflator valve.It worked perfectly. I used 16lbs of weight since I had the BCD and full neoprene boots. The water chilly but calm and clear.
Jackie likes to swim so we swam out to the rocks. Jackie and Andy led. They both navigated perfectly. Thankfully, I had no problems with my right ear. Hooray!Andy found a 6 inch pipe fish along with little lobsters. Jackie found a comb jelly. I was cold and out of air so that was it for me.
They braved another dive with some metrowest buddies.
At least I got my "fix" for the day.


  1. ...and that's why they call it Pebble Beach. Pebbles galore. My foot slips and slides when I try to enter from shore there. You are brave and strong, V. Good for you.

  2. As with all shore dives, you got to be super careful and sure on your footing when entering. Thank God for my little tank!