Thursday, February 13, 2014

buscando para las aguilas

I went out again looking for bald eagles and I wasn't disappointed. 
As  I was driving on main street near the Merrimac river I looked up and saw a big beautiful white headed bald eagle just like the above photo. 
* I did NOT take this photo. I found this photo on the internet.
Although I've tried many times to get a photo  I ended up with either a blur, a tail only or a blank sky. There are only about three legal places to pull over to park on this street so I was watching this guy flying above me as I was driving down the street like a turtle.
I've got to tell you to see these magnificent birds in the wild is jaw dropping.

When I pulled over to park in a legit parking spot to scan the tree line for eagles with my binoculars I did find an adult pair camouflaged in the pines.They were across the river. 
I also found a belted kingfisher on a tree branch as pictured above.
*I did NOT take this photo either. I couldn't get a clear shot of him..I found this photo on the internet just to show how pretty these birds are.

I stood by the water line watching all kinds of different types of water fowl. I saw a blue heron and tricolored heron fly by. In the water, I saw scaups, cute little pied billed grebes, common golden eyes, loons, hooded mergansers (they are pretty with their tufted heads), and common mergansers.
*I DID take THIS photo of a common merganser with a fish in his mouth. He was trying to get away from the other mergansers who were trying to snatch his lunch away.
I knew if was patient enough and waited, a eagle would be interested in what this duck had in his mouth.
Sure enough, "WHHHHOOOOOOOOSH" like lightening an eagle grabbed the fish.
And of course. my camera froze at that exact moment when I thought I had "the photo of the year". 
It was bloody cold out and my muscles were getting fatigued.I had also trudged around Mosely pines in knee deep snow hoping I would find eagles up in the pines. Mosely pines is a favorite dog walking park so I was also dodging snow banks covered with "yellow' snow.

I snapped this photo of a gull going for a free ride on a floating chunk of ice on the Merrimac..

When I got home, "Charlie" was patiently awaiting for my arrival so he could watch "Judge Judy" on TV.
It is time to hunker down for the impending nor'easter snow storm.


  1. It's snowing softly here at 1:40 PM. Great big flakes and hardly any wind. Your bird escapades are amazing.

  2. We are getting bonked with snow right now. :-P
    Bird watching is like scuba diving because you are out looking for critters. With both activities you have to brave the elements.
    The fun/reward part is finding all the cool wildlife.
    Boys & girls put down your iphones, ipads, electronic devices etc... and take a look outside! It's great!