Sunday, October 11, 2015

dive #970 Oct 11 2015

dive #970 Oct 11 2015
Well this may be the last dive of the season. It was cold in the morning (my thermometer read 43F at 6:00AM) But it was sunny and it warmed up into the 60s late afternoon.
We had Fred and Chris running the show, Pete, Andy, John from froggies, Kate and Jackie. So we had a good group of people, but then again we always have a  good group of people!
We headed off to Folly cove. There were 2 other dive boats anchored in the cove as well. Everyone out for their last hurrah.
I had (tried) to patch up the tear on my left wrist seal on my dry suit with something called "goop" which is used to repair rubber soles. The water temp at the surface was 59F but just a few feet below it dropped to 55F. Viz was about 10 feet with a current coming out of the north.
As soon as I started to descend I could feel a pin point bit of wetness around my wrist and then it started to spread quickly. I figured I'd continue on the dive until I froze or it hit my crotch. The viz wasn't that good but as I was groping around the sand I saw that the sand was covered with sand dollars! I made it over to the rocks and by this time I was soaked inside the suit. It was a short dive but at least I did it. I wasn't going to give up my dive without a struggle.
Well I guess I'll have to get the dry suit repaired properly.
It was a good dive season but waaaaaay too short!


  1. Your determination is admirable, V. I'd have bailed at the point when the water hit my elbow.

  2. ha ha ha! nobody wants to give up those "cookies"- especially me!