Friday, October 18, 2013

more bad art

* Once again, I found this 'gem" from the museum of bad art website.
One of the reasons I don't really like to watch "family Guy:" is not only some of the humor is a bit over the top but the art work bugs me. I just want to "fix" some of the characters. I find myself 'air drawing" my corrections when ever my husband put that show on.

A few years ago I had painted a self portrait. There was something about it after years of looking at it that was, well, not right. Yesterday I couldn't stand it anymore, took it off the wall and started going crazy making pencil corrections.
The eyes were off, the boobs were too big, the smile was gross and the cockatiel that I was holding was too fat.
I just couldn't stand it. I felt by making the corrections I couldn't ruin the portrait anymore than what it was It looked like a piece from the museum of bad art. People don't say anything about your art because they are afraid they will hurt your feelings if they do-except for my long time pal Sue.
I vaguely remember her saying  at one time that it was "f*cked".
 I actually welcome honesty.
Think about it. How many times have you've gone out thinking you look like a total babe only to catch yourself in the mirror gasping at the pants that were too tight giving you a nasty wedgie or your underwear sticking out above your pants line or bad makeup application that makes you look like a sad clown? Raise your hands boys and girls!
I'd rather someone say, "errr...don't wear those pants because...."
The more I worked on the painting the more mistakes I found.
I am hoping I fixed it for the better.

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  1. *update: I worked on the painting and left it up on the wall to review. The next day, after looking at it again with different eyes.I had to fix it again. The painting was cross-eyed.