Thursday, October 31, 2013

A visit to the troll museum of the lower east side

I just got back to a trip to New York city.
This is the first time I've been to the city.
I wanted to see the 9/11 memorial, the statue of Liberty, central park (to see the pigeons and hopefully the monk parakeets) and to visit "Reverend Jen" and her troll museum.
I wasn't disappointed.
Reverend Jen is quite the character.
 I spotted her coming down the street during the lower east side's "pickle festival". She was wearing hot pink go go boots, red heart shaped "Lolita" sunglasses and a leopard print coat.
I immediately liked her style.
She was friendly and funny.She seemed genuinely happy to have other troll enthusiasts share her interests and stories. There was another couple who joined us who were also troll fanciers.
We climbed what seemed to be 12 flights of stairs to a small room  amassed with her troll art work and  hundreds of trolls along with assorted troll paraphernalia.
It was hilarious! She told the story of her troll collection and showed us different types of trolls and their history. She was also the author of trollz kids books. We talked about the upcoming troll movie in the works by Dreamworks. She was hoping to have her
I wore my troll t-shirt, troll stockings and a hair bow with a troll on it for this event. I also brought along a troll hair bow for Rev. Jen as a gift. We chatted for quite some time.
I was really glad I made the trip out.


  1. I think you found your Troll-sister, V.

  2. You must have been in heaven! At least, that's what the look on your face says!