Monday, February 15, 2016

what do you do when it's -13.5F outside?

The weather is weird. We had a record low of -13.5F. with a wind chill factor of -31F. The house was creaking and the wind was howling. It was f*cking cold and no, I did not go out for my morning jog. Any cracks around the windows were filled in with solid ice. Thankfully, when I started my car and it started, but I just stayed home. So what do you do when you can't go outside?
I usually work on a art project.

                                          snowy owl icon

                                         Nikola Tesla's pigeon in steampunk gear

This was a fun project. It is hard to see from this copy how I did this in 3-D with gears, bits of watch parts, and nuts and bolts. It was one of my more ambitious projects. I have other ideas for steampunk art projects as well
So what else do you do when you are stuck indoors?
Ah! I am plotting and planning a new scuba adventure as well. (wink)

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