Monday, July 20, 2015

dive #948 & 949 July 19 2015

Dive #948 July 19 2015
Today's temps were expected to be in the 90'sF. Hot< hazy and humid.
 I couldn't have picked a better day to be out diving . Aboard Easy Diver we had Chris and Fred in charge. Pete. John from froggies minding the lines. Kate, Jackie and Sandy. Andy helping out with everything-especially the anchor.
Thank you Andy!
We ventured south to cathedral rocks. There was a slight breeze off the south so it would at least cool the Captain off while we anchored.
The water surface temp was 57F with crap viz. At 40 feet the viz was 12 feet but freakin' freezing at about 48F. My right ear cleared with a  slow ascension. I followed the lobster lines so I wouldn't get lost. I saw many schools of pollack.I noticed a rock formation that looked like a skeleton head. There was a slight surge and a current I had to watch out for.
Andy fixed the anchor in a better position since it looked it it would've been a bear to extract from the rocks crevices.I kept my wetsuit on "just in case" I was needed to jump in.
There was a lot of boat traffic and the boat was rocking. I felt a little seasick from the surge. As I was helping Andy to load the inflatable back on the boat I lost my footing and plopped down on the captain's lap.
 The poor guy.
I think I knocked the wind out of him when my big bum landed on him!.
dive #949
We anchored at the mouth of Folly cove at "the restaurant". And like last week it was chock-0-block full of boats. It was too bloody hot to be topside. John from froggies "Hampton beached" it as well as Chris. I drained my second tank nosing around lobster lines. There was definitely a thermocline. It was bloody freezing at 25 feet. The viz was a bit dicey too. I kept my eye out for anything interesting that may come my way. I saw the usual suspects of pollack, and cunners.
The on -boat solar shower felt good to at least rinse the salty brine from my face. For some reason salty water left on your body makes you sweat. ugh!.
Seriously, diving is the only thing you SHOULD be doing on a day like today!
Lucky us! :-)
Afterwards, Andy, Kate, Pete and I, as necessary, took the tanks to get filled. You can really determine the boat traffic because of how long and how often you have to wait at the Blyman bridge. Wow! So many boats!

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  1. It was strange to go from "bloody hot" to "frickin' freezin'" within the space of 5 minutes.