Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy new year 2014

It's hard to believe that it is 2014.
 As a kid growing up in the 60's I would fantasize that by the year 2000 we would be living a lifestyle like George Jetson. And yet, some of that is true with all the pervasive electronics that has made our lives so dependent on.
Christmas and all it's preparations are over now that nothing remains now except limp dirty decorations still hanging around. I get so depressed this time of year when Christmas ends. Yes, I am "one of those" who loves shopping, wrapping, decorating , sending cards and going to parties.And now it is over.
I am now reflecting on the past year with it's ups and downs.
Let me look back on 2014.
On a positive note:
1-This year I brought in three new 'additions" to our flock: Charlie, Teddy and Sal.
Most of the birds had remained healthy. Eddie had to be rushed to a "new vet" in Gloucester with a bacterial infection.(My vet was on vacation at the time) Eddie was saved and this new vet seemed very capable.
2-I met Jodi from Cape Ann Wildlife. She taught me a few things about saving pigeons.
3-I went to the NHPSCA gala event.I love dress up events. It was especially wonderful that proceeds from the event go to the animal rescue.
4-I went on two nice trips which turned out better than I had expected: a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda and a bus trip to NYC visiting the troll museum, statue of liberty and the 9/11 memorial.
5-I have been diligently trying to learn to speak and understand spanish-thanks to mi prima.
6-I've enrolled in tai chi classes.
7-I've completed a a couple of new icon paintings.

Reflecting also on the negative notes of this year;
1-The marathon bombing.
 It really makes me sick to my stomach. Arghhhh....Enough said on this subject....
2-The steady decline of mental, physical and emotional abilities of my father. Dementia is just an awful affliction on both the victim and the family.
Enough said on that subject as well.
3-I had an injury flipping over off my deck causing me to break my foot in four places and messing up my neck. This happened  in the beginning of the summer that had me laid up most of the year  No diving, and no running, I was lucky that this was all that happened. However,.I continue to be in chronic pain and my business has suffered. I am working through it with therapy and pain management. I've honed my business down to just birds and reptiles.Thankfully, I can now run again finally.
 The "negative" things have made me appreciate what I do have.
As I tuck the birds for the night I  thank God every night for a hot bath, a warm bed, hot coffee and nice husband,.and the fact that I can walk around to take care of my birds.
This year, I will try to stay mindful of all the positives and strive to be the best that I can be.:-)

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  1. Wow, V! You've accomplished a lot in the past year. I'm sorry for your pain, and other troubles. It doesn't help much, but know that you're not alone. I wish a happier, healthier, and peaceful 2014 to you. By the time summer rolls around, you'll be all healed up and ready to dive again! Big hugs to you! Happy New Year!